About - Chris Stavrakas


Who is Chris Stavrakas?

Chris Stavrakas is a photographer who was born and raised in one of the most beautiful islands of Ionian Sea, the island of Lefkada.

Since he lived in the countryside with his family, he used to spend a lot of time in nature while playing and exploring it to the fullest, therefore he fell in love with it. He always felt that nature was a part of his life and in fact a benchmark for many important chapters.

He remembers that he was still very young when he started to capture with his camera different sceneries, as it was, for instance, a warm sunset full of extraordinary colors.

When he finished musical school, he decided to focus on what was always under his radar, the arts. Therefore, he enrolled in IEK DELTA (Institute of Professional Training), in the Department of “Graphic Design & Digital Media” graduating in 2016 with Bachelor Degree in the Arts. In the meantime, he attended several seminars of photography, his greatest love, from which he never stopped learning and evolving his skills.

Photography is his whole life and his true passion. He believes that just a single photograph can tell us a whole story. This is successful photography for Chris. One of his special predilections in this domain is wild nature, which requires a lot of patience and detailed work on peculiar situations.

His purpose is to get emotionally attached to the wild animals. The most important thing for him is to try to inspire other people through his own work so that they can respect nature, while encouraging the preservation and protection of wild places anywhere in the world.

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